Icons partners with world renowned brands to offer its customers the best software products that compliment the best available hardware in the international market. Our partners include:

Nuance Communications, Incnuance

A world leader in providing specialized Speech & Imaging software is in strategic alliance with Icons to distribute its products on a pan-India basis. Nuance is an international IT software provider for products like Dragon Naturally Speaking, Omnipage OCR, Paper port DMS and PDF Converter.

Andrea Electronics, Inc andrea

Andrea Electronics, a leading developer of hardware and software microphone technologies which optimize the performance of voice user interfaces for automotive telematics systems and auto PCs, personal digital assistants, Internet appliances and Internet telephony, voice-enabled web browsing, desktop dictation and videoconferencing applications.In addition to its digital audio software, the Company also offers a complete line of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Noise Canceling (NC) PC headsets for voice applications and speech recognition in which a headset is desired, such as with wearable PCs and in call center environments


iStorage is fast establishing itself as the leading global provider of PIN activated, hardware encrypted, portable data storage solutions. We provide enterprise and government clients as well as consumers with products that enable them to securely compute, protecting their data, whenever and wherever. By combining the power of strong, easy to use, authentication and hardware data encryption we provide the highest level of protection available against theft or loss of confidential data. The founders of iStorage are pioneers in the field of portable data storage and security devices, holding several patents, both granted and pending, on a range of related data storage and security products. Our promise to our clients is to constantly deliver the most innovative and secure solutions for mobile computing that also offer superior functionality and manageability at ultra competitive prices.


ioSafe is the technology leader of disaster proof hardware. Since 2005, our patented technology provides unparalleled physical security protection against fire, flood and theft for thousands of homes and businesses. Like an aircraft black box, ioSafe adds physical security and protection to irreplaceable data. Encryption and network security are often used to protect data. Wildfires and hurricanes care little about whether the data is encrypted. Firefighters won't ask your permission before hosing down your entire computer system. Any offsite vaulting strategy will have vulnerability for the most important data in your business - the data you just created - not the data from last week. Backing up even one terabyte of data to the cloud could take up to 10 months with the typical business or home connection. Physical security of data is often overlooked. Nearly every business, large or small has vulnerabilities. ioSafe specializes in hardware to help protect vulnerable data wherever it may reside. Designed to be bolted to the floor, survive building collapse or padlocked to anything immovable, our steel outer casings combined with fire and flood protection are designed to provide the ultimate physical security for external data storage.


Clear reception of speech in a noisy environment is a difficult problem. Inspeech recognition applications, such as dictation of documents, headset microphones are required to prevent noise from interfering with the recognition software and increasing the error rate to unsatisfactory levels. Acoustic Magic’s technology enables headset level accuracy with our Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone placed several feet from the talker. There is no longer a need to be tethered by the headset.

Revolabs, Inc revolabs

Revolabs, delivers innovative products to the enterprise collaborative space -state-of-the art wireless products, manufactured and distributed through relationships with the world-class partners across the globe. All Revolabs product lines facilitate natural interaction and mobility in business and professional applications.

Inteleconferencing applications, microphones are usually placed in the middle of the conference table to shorten the distance to the talkers, thereby improving signal to noise. Acoustic Magic’s Voice Tracker™ Array Microphone technology enables the microphone to be mounted on the monitor while still providing effective reception from all talkers, even in large rooms.


ASUS comes from the last four letters of Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that represents the inspiration of art and learning. ASUS embodies the strength, creative spirit and purity symbolized by this regal and agile mythical creature, soaring to new heights of quality and innovation with each product it introduces to the market. A major supplier of computers and electronics for aeronautic missions to outer space—to provide astronauts with dependable computing during a mission on the MIR Space Station. Both notebooks experienced zero defects throughout the 600-day period. ?The ASUS notebooks never overheated like some of the ones made by other companies,? said Sergei Avdeev, the Russian astronaut on the space mission. ?Thermal flow in space and on Earth is completely different. Only notebooks with the best heat dissipation solutions can survive continuous operation. We turned the notebooks on in the morning and left them on all day without a problem.


The world renowned Chinese hardware provider who recently acquired IBM Notebook division is our partner for providing state of the art computer hardware.

Lenovo has always been known for its high performance & high reliability products. With the maximum backward compatibility, it is undoubtedly one of the market leaders in the hardware segment.

Hewlett Packardhp

HP, the US based international giant, is also in a strategic alliance with Icons to provide the computer hardware ranging from printers to notebooks. HP has always been known for its value for money products.



The Japanese electronics giant who is the world leader in high end luxury laptops, Vaio, also partners Icons for providing the best of its products at the best prices to the target customers.



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