How speech recognition makes work from home easier

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Stuck at home because of the pandemic scenario? But need to work from home? Increase your work productivity with speech recognition. We all know that in this current work from home scenario our work productivity curve keeps on fluctuating. But now you can now easily maintain a staggering output by dictating those voluptuous documents and tiring spread sheets with Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software.


ocrTechnology is always progressing. With changes happening so fast, doing what you can to maintain the ethics of your important documents will save you a work load in the future. That's where PDF truly saves the day!

PDFs – they are absolutely essential for modern businesses. It’s a format that makes sure a document can be reproduced exactly the same way, regardless of what software is used. Basically, all of the information necessary for displaying the document in the same manner is drive in the file – leaving your documents safe, accessible and secure for the long-term.


Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

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While having conversations with our customers about our cloud solution, Philips Speech Live, we realized there were a few misconceptions about the way the product functions. Therefore, we thought we would put together some information to help you fully take advantage of this solution and realize its full potential.


Why you should give a try to make Dragon speech recognition an essential in your work toolbox?

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Thinking about the range of tools you use in your business life is a bit like thinking about the range of tools in a DIY enthusiast’s toolbox. There are odds and ends that have occasional but very important uses, a bunch of things that might come in handy one day and a core set of absolute essentials without which any DIY job would flounder. At work, use tools that fit into all three of those groups. Speech recognition is in that last group. Without a doubt, it’s essential. It could save your business time and money, improve efficiency, even free up the time of skilled people whose specialism are at a premium, maybe it is worth trying  to give the new idea a go.


Dragon Speech Recognition for Differently Abled People

Dragon Speech RecognitionIt has been suggested that one of the most important promising areas for the application of speech recognition is in helping disabled persons. Dragon Speech Recognition software does full justice on it. Speech recognition is the underlying technology that powers voice assistants. They provide a way for computers to understand the human spoken word. Although they’re advertised as a means to improve productivity, they can be a game changer for the disabled. This is especially true if operating computing devices is difficult due to upper limb problems.


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